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About Us:

The mission of the Pittsburgh East Chinese Church (PECC) Chinese School is to teach the Chinese language through reading, writing and conversation to multi-ethnic students. In addition, students learn about the history and culture of China through various activities and projects.

The school is located at the PECC in Monroeville, PA. We accept students ages 4 and up. The school year is comprised of a Fall and Spring semester made up of 10-12 classes. Each class meets on Sunday from 1:30pm-3:30pm. Tuition for each semester is $40 per student plus any additional cost for course books.

Since Chinese will be the second language for most students who attend, parents are required to participate in Beginner language classes and at least one language class per semester for the Intermediate class. We strongly encourage all families to practice speaking the Chinese language at home as well.


We offer two types of classes:

  1. Language
    Language classes are designed to help young learners or beginners in the Chinese language a chance to hear and practice speaking Chinese. There is less emphasis on writing and pinyin is used as the pronunciation tool, the standard system used in the United States.

    Beginner - This level is an introduction to spoken Chinese language, culture and history through songs, workbook, video, role-playing, and activities. Goals include familiarizing the students and families with basic pronunciation skills. This class is appropriate for K-2nd grade.

    Intermediate - This level also serves as an introduction to the spoken Chinese language, culture and history through the use of workbook, video, role-playing, and activities. Goals include having the students practice listening and speaking Chinese. This class is appropriate for any beginner in the Chinese language 3rd grade and above.

  2. Reading and Writing
    The Reading and Writing classes are set up for students who have developed a Chinese language background and have advanced from the language classes.

    There are four levels – 101, 102, 103, and 104. All classes use the Zhongwen textbook series and focuses on building advanced reading, writing and speaking skills. Students will be assigned to a level based on their knowledge and command of the Chinese Language.

Both the Language and Reading and Writing classes incorporate culture/story time plus crafts and activities. Snacks are furnished for all students, and reward coins are earned for their accomplishments during the semester. Reward coins can later be used in a fun marketplace on the last day of the semester.


Culture/Story Time
Hand–selected books, crafts, and activities are used in Culture/Story time to present a particular aspect of the Chinese culture to students in an interactive manner.


Co-Principals:Feng Wang, Bo Zhu and Shuhui Wang
Co-Treasurers:Jenny Yan and Ruyu Zhang
Chinese Church Coordinator (PECC):Feng Wang, Bo Zhu and Shuhui Wang
American Church Coordinator
(Reformed Grace Presbyterian Church – RGPC):
Feng Wang, Bo Zhu and Shuhui Wang
Facility Coordinators:Bo Zhu and Shuhui Wang
Assistant Facility Coordinator:Q. Lin, Feng Wang


Language – Beginner:Georgia Liang, Wu, Wenqing (Olivia), and Kai Lin
Language – Intermediate:Fu-mei Lin and Mary Warmbrodt
Reading and Writing Level 101:Xinyu Li and Jenny Yan
Reading and Writing Level 102:Jie Miao and Binnan Fu
Reading and Writing Level 103:Shuhui Wang and Rita Liu
Reading and Writing Level 104:Bo Zhu
Culture and Craft:Lynne MacConnelle, Pat Dalton and Q. Lin
Backup Teacher for all levels:Feng Wang, Weiming Ou, Rita Liu and Sherry Zhang